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We Offer Three Stages of In-Home Hospice Care

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When a cure for your pet’s illness is no longer expected, in-home hospice care can extend your pet’s quality of life while preserving the animal’s dignity and helping you manage your pet’s symptoms (like incontinence or pain) that might otherwise hasten euthanasia.

Utah Pet Hospice provides three levels of hospice care, each designed to meet the medical needs of pets at varying stages of disease progression.

Our doctors and technicians will help you choose a path of care to best meet the needs of you and your pet. We offer in-home consultations where we can answer many of your questions, suggest home environment modifications, and gather specific details about your pet to help us tailor a hospice care plan.

Our approach is collaborative and compassionate, and help is always just a phone call away.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is longer-term care for animals facing a one-year life expectancy. When your pet is receiving palliative care, Utah Pet Hospice helps you manage your pet’s pain and other symptoms, living environment, diet, and medications so that your pet can live as fully and as comfortably as possible.

Additionally, you can speak to a technician or veterinarian every day (if necessary) for 10 minutes. You are granted unlimited refills of medications (with no need to bring the pet to the office for an evaluation), and you are entitled to a monthly visit (in-home or in-office) with a technician or veterinarian.

Early Hospice Care

Early hospice care is for those pets likely to reach the end of their lives within six months.

Like palliative care, early hospice care emphasizes pain and symptom management as your pet transitions toward the later stages of a chronic illness.

Additionally, you can speak with a veterinarian or a technician for 10 minutes every day, and you are entitled to visits twice a month (in-home or in-office) with a doctor or a technician.

Late Hospice Care

It is time for late hospice care when death is close. This is for pets with a life expectancy of one month, in the late stages of cancers and chronic diseases.

In late hospice, you may receive daily visits from one of our technicians or doctors, often to administer fluids and other medications or to provide wound care. Late hospice care clients work closely with their doctor and a technician, often communicating multiple times each day in order to best manage the concerns that arise as your beloved pet reaches the last few days of his or her life.

Late stage hospice care may also focus on whether a natural death is appropriate for your pet or whether euthanasia could be an option. As with every stage of hospice care, we are here for you, to allay your fears and ease your concerns. Our goal is to support you every step of the way and make these final days transformative in a positive way for you and your family and for the companion animal receiving your love and care.

When the time comes, we can help you with aftercare of the body and provide you with information on cremation and burial options.

Contact us for any questions or information you may need to help understand the levels of hospice care for your pet.

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